Welcome to my little corner of the ‘net.

My name is Ebonchyld, though I will answer to Ebon/Eby as well. I am a closest gamer girl. My poison…. EverQuest 2. Blame that on the hubby. :-) I have always played on the Crushbone server through many merges and have been a member of two wonderful guilds, Stealth & Knights of Marr (KoM). Ebon is an 95 level Dark Elf Dirge that I’ve played for 7 years now. I have other alternate personalities but she is my favorite & the face I’m most known by.

In real life, I’m a 30-something wife, daughter, sister & best friend. I’m also a happily mated woman & an avid reader of almost anything that catches my eye as well as the authors that have captured my attention.

T. S. Joyce

Writer of Hot Shifter Romances


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